Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Opportunities Are Endless

Alpha Omicron Pi is truly a part of my life that never ceases to find a new way to make my heart warm or bring something new into my life that I never imagined would be possible. AOll is opportunities. I had heard this from other sisters before and I could not agree more!

As I left my lovely ELC team and drove halfway to Louisville with the fabulous ADCS Meghan Granito, I could not be more anxious to begin my travels. Tandy and Liz, from Pi Alpha, greeted us for lunch and then welcomed me into their family. My stay with Pi Alpha will forever be cherished in my heart. These women truly exemplify sisterhood and the values that we all strive to uphold. I was so fortunate to stay with them from day one of recruitment all the way through preference night. The ladies worked as a team and kept each other positive and smiling each day!

Tandy, Liz, and I, halfway to Louisville!

The advisers began the week by saying, if you all remember to try your best, after skit night we will have a dance off. I smiled in hopes that the dance off would come in a couple of days! During my stay I was so graciously hosted with Pi Alpha sisters Kristin, Ashley, Brittany and their amazing parents….oh and I couldn't forget, Wash, the cutest dog ever! We came the first day of recruitment and were warned of a possible storm coming through that day….well little did we know the power would go out in a few of the houses, lightening would strike a tree, lighting it on fire in front of Greek row, and recruitment had to be put on hold for a minute! All was eventually restored before skit night arrived and all was OK! Needless to say the ladies did awesome all week and so the lights dimmed and I heard music playing as the advisers came out ready to battle it out on the dance floor! This was such a fun memory and the ladies were energized to rock the rest of recruitment. The skit was hilarious and I still find myself quoting and singing along in my head a week later, “Thank you...Thankkkkkk you…” Pi Alpha you know what I mean! Preference was beautiful and the amazing Leigh Perry came to speak as an alumna guest. After that night I knew it, that ladies did it and they soon greeted 24 new members eager to join the opportunity of being a sister. Thank you Pi Alpha for a memorable first visit….I can’t wait to all go to the Kentucky Derby together!

Some of the lovely seniors of Pi Alpha after preference night! :)

The ladies of Pi Alpha with their newest friend, the panda! Which was made especially for them by the men of Triangle Fraternity as a surprise during recruitment!

Kristin, Brittany, Wash, and I in Louisville!

Next stop Xi chapter in Oklahoma! I have to admit, I have always wanted to visit Xi and still can't believe I got the opportunity! I left Pi Alpha after preference and arrived at the University of Oklahoma the day after their bid day. Xi welcomed 76 new members and I was thrilled to meet them all. I was greeted by their amazing CP Gina and VPA Caroline at the airport. I was brought to my guest room in their house which is gorgeous! Let’s just say I am so excited to share all the new Oklahoma experiences my sisters at Xi took me to do! Some highlights include going to the Natural History museum, the Christmas shop, trying Rusty’s (frozen custard ice cream that doesn’t fall out when you turn the cup upside down), orange leaf frozen yogurt, and a sprittle (sprite with skittles)!!

The first night the NME Shelby invited the new members over to the house for ice cream and a movie. I loved hanging out and meeting them, some even asking what dorm I am in (yes! I look young still haha!) I loved chatting and sharing how wonderful AOll is to the new members and that it keeps providing the opportunities far after they graduate. I told the ladies what many women in AOll who I admire have told me before; our years in AOll as an alumna, exceed the years in AOll as a collegian by far! AOll is truly for a lifetime. The new members all choose the right place, AOll!

The women of Xi treated me just like family as well! They are movers and shakers on campus; their sister Hannah Morris is currently the University of Oklahoma Student Association President and Emily Buss is VP of community relations on Panhellenic. Emily is heading up a new project with the Greek community to partner with United Way of Norman, building a playground in a low income neighborhood near campus. They will begin raising money and then set forth on building! As I met with all the officers and the AAC I was blown away with their ideas and am so excited to see how their year goes!

Thank you AOll for providing over a hundred new opportunities to these newest members of Pi Alpha and Xi as well as all the other new members all over the country and Canada! Never lose site that AOll was founded on friendship and the chance to enhance each others’ lives through these connections and love. AOll teaches us to be there for each other and those around us in the world. The women I have met have exemplified this and I know will continue as their years in AOll keep coming!

Alpha Love and Mine,

Madison and I at the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, which is home to the largest dinosaur skeleton!

Amazing Xi alumnae, Kristen and Amy, who are ELCs Clarke and Taryn's best friends from college. They so kindly hosted me in their home for my days off in Norman! Thank you ladies! Were at Rusty's enjoying the custard that won't fall out if you turn it upside down....WOW!

Myself with Xi's Chapter President, Gina, and VPA, Caroline! Thank you ladies for a fabulous visit!

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  1. We miss you already Tracy, you're always welcome at Pi Alpha!